IAH to PHA: A Cold Trip in Philly

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Anytime I go to the airport, I use it as a chance to get experimental with my outfits. My thinking behind this one was to play off the colors complimenting my sneakers. If you look close enough you'll be able to see faded pink's and tan on them. Hence the pink sweater and beige socks, both from TJ Maxx. The hooded fur coat was something I snagged from a thrift shop for quite a steal. 

This outfit is the only one I managed get on photo, if anything, my focus in Philly wasn't to be so engulfed in my blog but to just enjoy the time off before starting a new job. My blog has been quite the project and now it has finally come to fruition. I take great pride and pleasure sharing with you all, but it's also a vulnerable process given that I am sharing a piece of me with you. But, it's all good.

Explored this pizza place after my flight, Roma Pizza. 

Explored this pizza place after my flight, Roma Pizza. 

The trip was a mix of things, from overwhelming to inspiring. While I was there, I revisited South Street for the first time in years and I never realized how many fun boutiques they have for shopping. If you ever find yourself in Philly, go check them out. Sadly, we did not get to spend much time in order to check out all of boutiques since we were departing the next day. But, my sister and I surely did do some damage with the little time we had to browse around and shop. 

Quite the haul I must say. A tad bit too much I'm afraid. But, I rationalize that pain to myself by remembering that the haul will be apart of some exciting content I have planned for you all from here on out. 


If you look close enough you’ll be able to see faded pink’s and tan on them.

Looking back, I would have went with a gray top as opposed to the pink. It's a neutral enough color to the point where it probably wouldn't have been fighting for attention against the hooded fur coat like the color pink.

That's a beauty of playing around with your style, you get a better idea of what works for you and what doesn't. Just be brave enough to take that leap into the playground despite possibly scraping your knee.

Fashionably speaking.  

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