Leather Tassel Meets a Fringe Crossbody Bag - DIY

Do you have one of those go to bags that you can always rely on for those specific moments? I do. This Lucky Brand bag was a hand me down, more like a pass me on from my cousin. The fringe makes it a fun bag to wear out and about. Well, I had a little too much fun with it and eventually the closure came off of the bag, which left a gaping hole in the middle of the bag. The closure was was simply a tie on piece of leather string, so this was one of those kind of bags you can't turn the wrong way or all of your stuff will come out. 

Since this is one of those bags that I 'throw and go' for the days I don't feel like carrying around a big bag, I couldn't just get rid of it without attempting to put it back in the game. I figured sealing the hole a bit, upgrading the closure, and adding a lil' somethin' extra would be just enough to do the job.

Low and behold the power of a tassel . . .

Tassel Handbag featuring Lucky Brand

Such a small gesture addition, yet so much nicer. Tassels are really a nice touch to just about anything...bags, clothes, shoes - you name it. I chose a tassel because I felt it would go nicely with the fringe on the bottom of the bag and decided to go with a rough leather to match the same material already on the bag's lining.  The urge to add a bright pop of color was strong, think hot pink long luxurious leather tassel.  But, I had to remember why I love the bag. It's my LBB (little black bag) that I can grab and practically wear with almost anything.

In order to make it more secure, went ahead and added a velcro closure to the equation to make everything even out. Gotta admit it was nice touch and very easy to do. I refuse to get rid of the bag for such a minor complication. Finding ways to give an old piece new life is quite liberating. Especially when it's your own handy work, there's a certain gratification that comes with it. It's even better when you like the bag more than you did when you first got it. 

Now, here's how you rekindle the fire.



Tassel DIY supplies - Lucky Brand - E6000
  • Crossbody Bag: this bag is by Lucky Brand, find a bag you'd like to work your magic on.

  • Tassel: you find tassels on Etsy, I got mine from here.

  • E6000 Glue (Black): for sealing the hole and securing the tassel on the bag. Depending on the tassel you have, you may not need glue.

  • Sharp Scissors: for cutting the velcro.

  • Velcro: in the project, I used a velcro with a sticky back. Any velcro will do though.


Step 1: Once you have all of your supplies together, go ahead and get your workspace flow set up. We'll begin with sealing the hole first. 

Step 2: Grab your E6000 and put small drops onto the inside, but not too much because the glue can make the suede dull and ruin some of the texture. Then gently pat down the top of the opening onto where you place the glue drops. Let it dry for a few minutes before moving on.  

Step 3: Now that the hole is sealed. Eyeball a measurement of how much velcro you want to use for the closure by placing the velcro in the area you want it and guesstimating what will satisfy your need for security. :P 

Tassel Bag DIY Instructions

Step 4: Once you have your measurement figured out, cut the piece and then take the other half of the velcro and sandwich them together to measure out how much of the other piece you need. This make it easier to get the right size match for the other piece. Now that you have the two pieces, mark where you need to place them in order for them to be aligned with each other. Then stick them onto the bag, do not use the closure for 24 hours. Place something over both closures before moving on so they do not accidentally caught onto each other.

Step 5: Glue a little bit on top of the stub and let it get slightly tacky before putting on the tassel. Hook tassel on and hold it into place for a couple of minutes before flipping it over to glue the other side. 

Tassel DIY fringe bag by Lucky Brand

Step 6: Before you glue the other side, see where you need to place the glue first and make sure your tassel won't dry on crooked. Okay, now you can start glueing!

E6000 to glue on Tassel - DIY - Lucky Brand - Handbag

Step 7: Clean up the damage done to wherever you were working at and allow time for the glue to dry and the velcro to settle. 24 hours at least. THEN.....you can wear it and show me what your workin' with! Tag me so I can see what #BenitaTaughtU!!! If you want to see how I styled this, then check out my outfit post on it!

DIY Handbag - Tassel - Lucky Brand - After Photo

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