Thrift Store Review: Pavement Houston Clothing

Back at it again with another thrift shop review. If you're a Houston native who frequents the Montrose area, then there is a chance you're pretty familiar with this place. Behold...Pavement Thrift, one of the many resale shops in Houston you can get lost in.


For this review, I happened to make a couple of trips during different seasons of the year. Winter and summer time. So, it was interesting to see the shift in inventory. If you're looking for Hawaiin t-shirts, go during the summer. Have an ugly Christmas sweater party coming up? Pavement Houston Clothing has got you covered. Each season, they have a special area dedicated to those key 'costume' or 'themed' pieces. Even cowboy boots for the Rodeo. 

Another fun fact, it's owned by a husband and wife who also own the store next door. Apparently, they also play a key role in other Houston spots that you may know and love like The Burger Joint, Boondocks, and Stones Throw. Talk about #RelationshipGoals. 

Let's get into...


(713) 528-5500

1657 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77098

Mon. - Sat.: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 8pm

Price Range: 
$9.95 - $50.00 (Minus cased items like Christian Louboutin shoes)

Special Deals & Best Times to Go: 
If you see a damaged item, point it out. They can reduce the price to either $1 or $5 depending on how recent the item is in inventory. If I recall correctly, they typically price out new items on Thursday's. So the best time to come is over the weekend when they put out the new stock. If you purchase something from here, wear it, and post it to Instagram...they'll send you a coupon for 20% off your next purchase in your DM's (direct messages, duh)

If you're familiar with this area, then you know sometimes parking can be a hassle. Pavement has their own parking lot directly next to the building. You can't miss it because of the brightly painted walls that scream "take a selfie with me"!

Store Policies: 
To return, you must have your receipt and within 7 days of your purchase with the tags attached. Sales and accessory items are final. Oh yeah, STORE CREDIT ONLY. Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. 😛


The Vibe: Bless, it's a mixed bag man. With chandeliers big and small for lighting, a funky retro couch to post up at, and fresh playlist (that I wish Malia would publish *ahem*) playing tunes like Doja Cat and Poolside. But, its not overwhelming like some other stores that over do the "cool". The vibe here really makes this a unique thrift store to visit. 

Shop Organization: It's very organized and items are where they need to be, making it easy to navigate and not get intimidated from actually looking through the racks of clothing. If you're a newbie to thrifting, I'd suggest starting here because of how easy it is to navigate and find items. Not to mention they carry petite sizing as well, not something I see too often.  

Staff: Pretty chill and laid back. With that being said, don't expect someone to ask you "is there anything I can help you with?" every couple of minutes. Sometimes they may be a bit chill to the point where they're forgetful, one trip I went and the girl helping me forgot to ring up my shoes 🙄. Although, I can't say if that's a recurring problem given I don't go that often, so don't get your panties in a wad or think badly of the customer service. Overall, I like the staff there, each person I spoke to was easy going and down for a short chat or giggle. 

Fitting Rooms: The lighting can be a bit awkward depending on the fitting room you get, which is the downside of being's not the most functional at time. What I mean by awkward is the way the light hits, it shines down on you so you may not see everything in all it's splendor and glory. Some fitting rooms have dimmer lighting than the others, so you aren't crazy for wanting a specific fitting room. Outside the fitting room, there is a large mirror outside where the lighting is more dynamic. And yes, the fitting rooms also do have full body mirrors. And the max items you can take in is either 5 or 6. 

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If you haven't seen past thrift store reviews, I like to share the items I purchased to help give you some context on what you can find if you were to go. But, keep in mind, these are things that appeal to me and my style. So it may not be the absolute full picture of what's offered. One more thing, these photo's don't do all of the items justice since they were shot in flatlay style as opposed to modeled. 

Now that's out of the way, I'm quite satisfied with the finds I snagged (I'll link to any outfit posts of the piece too). 

  • Lace Leggings . . . . . . . . . . . . . .orig. $16.95 sale price $9.95

  • Plum Leather Pants . . . . . . . . . .$29.95

  • Flannel Long John Tights. . . . . orig. $14.95 sale price $9.95

  • Floral Pants. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$14.95

  • 80s Baby Fuzzy Skater Shorts. . .$14.95

  • No Sleeve Long Cardigan. . . . . .orig. $29.95 sale price $9.95

  • Bunched Up Dress. . . . . . . . . . . $14.95

  • Mary Jane Knit Shorts. . . . . . . .$16.95

  • Yellow Pocket Tee. . . . . . . . . . . .$9.95

  • Caged Gladiator Sandals. . . . . . $19.95

TOTAL SPENT (W/O TAX): $151.59

There was one more item I wasn't able to get a photo of, but you'll eventually see in an outfit post. There's also a few items up there that I'll be using for DIY posts in the future, can you guess which ones? Bonus points if you can guess what I will be doing to them. 

I'm pretty satisfied with the items I got, especially the fit of them. Sometimes items I get from a thrift store may need to be altered to fit me a little better, in the end bringing up the price a little closer to regular price (but still cheap for what I got).


Yes, I'd recommend checking it out. Given that the pricing is a little higher compared to other Houston thrift stores, it makes up for it in the fact I don't have to get anything tailored, the store isn't overwhelming, and the vibe is nice. Just the experience is much easier to deal with compared to other places.  

Also, the items here also tend to be on the 'newer' side. Even though they buy your used clothes, they also have a contract with companies like Zara and Free People. So unlike your typical 'thrift shop', you'll see multiples of some items. So, some of these pieces don't have that one-of-kind unique character to them like you would find in a more seasoned and traditional thrift store in Houston. 

Depending on your patience and budget, this may or may not be the thrift shop for you. Me personally, I like a variety and given I don't mind the pricing knowing that I'm paying for items that are kind of, sorta new. Hit this place up and let me know what you think!