Natural Hairstyles for Black Women: Super Easy Afro Puff Ponytail Hairstyle

About 3 years ago, I started my natural hair journey. After discovering my hair wouldn't grow past a certain length while I was perming my hair, it caused me to become fed up enough to get over my fear and go natural. Not bold enough to do "the big chop", I gradually got my brittle permed hair trimmed off until I reached a point where the only thing I had on my head was thick and healthy natural hair. 

Continuing to take on this adventure with baby steps, I now need to figure out a hair care routine that works for me and my hair. Yet, I want to grow my hair out some more before wearing it out. 

Another baby step. . .

Drawstring Ponytail Natural Hair

A drawstring afro puff ponytail. 

Supply 2 - 2.jpg

Throughout my journey, I've played around with different protective styles and hair extensions that didn't involve sew-in's. Why? I wanted to be able to 'get to my hair'. For example, whenever you get a lace closure or full blown sew-in, you may sometimes have one of those nets on your head making it hard for you to get to your hair. 

Leaving you to get extra creative when it comes to greasing your scalp or moisturizing your hair (if at all). Being able to have the freedom to take care of my natural hair without the full time commitment of doing my hair myself and wearing it out is one reason I love this style. Not only that, it's easing me into a different style that I'm not used to wearing coming from presses and perms.  

But. . . there's more to it. . . 

Afro Puff Hairstyle Step by Step

The braiding in the back helps stretch out my hair in my 'kitchen' since it is actually a tad bit shorter than the hair on the top of my head. It's also easier to moisturize and grease it due to the braids. Yet, playing around with the different braiding variations make the style easier to tweak. And there is an array of sizes (mine is a medium) and colors for the drawstring puff ball, it all depends on your preference. Take a look below at different ways to braid the back. 

With that being said, if you're in a similar stage or just dig the natural look but have yet to reach the desired length to rock a big ponytail; then this is great remix to a traditional style.