Thrift Shop Hop: Family Thrift Center off 249 - Thrift Store Review

This is the first installment of my Thrift Shop Hop series. What you can expect is the low down on local (#HTOWNTAKEOVER) and some not so local thrift shops that I check out. My thoughts, experience, sweet finds, store deals, general information, and recommendation based on my perspective. If you'd have a spot you'd like me to check out, feel free to fill out the request form at the end of this post. 

The first one in this installment had to be one of my absolute favorite places to hit, Family Thrift Center. Don't let the rundown exterior fool you, there are quite a few gems in this cave. Family Thrift Center has multiple locations, but when it comes to thrift shops, not every location is equal. Majority of the time when I come here, I can find something to either use for a project or to wear as is (sometimes after a little TLC). 

So, lets get to it. 

Family Thrift Center Thrift Store Review


Phone: (281) 931-1139
Address: 13642 TX-249, Houston, TX 77086
Hours: Mon-Fri

Price Range: $0.50 - 25.00

Special Deals: When you shop Monday through Saturday, you're able to accumulate loyalty points (they just ask for a phone number) for Sunday discount days.

  • Save 10% on purchases between $10 & $19.99

  • Save 20% on purchases between $20 & $29.99

  • Save 30% on purchases between $30 & $39.99

  • Save 40% on purchases between $40 & $40.99

  • Save 50% on purchases $50 or more

Sunday discounts are limited to the first $100 purchased. But, if you shop one week and don't use them that same Sunday, then you forfeit your points.

Parking: Large parking lot with plenty of spots for parking. There are a few pot holes in the lot, so don't go speeding in.

Store Policies: Items sold "as is". No refunds or exchanges, all sales final. If something doesn't have a tag, then they can't sell it to you. So, you've been warned.


Family Thrift Center Inside the Store

The Vibe: It's similar to a large warehouse full of short isles inside, sometimes you'll find kids playing under them. The music over the loud speaker reminds me of the corner stores owned by Hispanics in Philly, they would always play that upbeat bachata music. Sunday's can get a little crazy, but the days where it isn't many people, it's easy to get to diggin' for gems.

Shop Organization: I love how everything is organized by color and garmette type. Size? Nope. But, that's a good thing. It forces you to think outside the box if you're trying to find or make something with character. The system is that if you find a piece you like, then you leave the hanger on the rack. But, I usually take it because it makes it easier to organize my selections in my cart (OCD much?). Majority of the store is clean and organized with clothes barely hanging on the counter or on the floor every so often. Yet, the accessories and miscellaneous items you will have to do just a tad bit of digging and shuffling.

Staff: Out of all the times I have been here, I have never had someone ask me if I needed help. Or say "hello, welcome". Personally, I'm on a mission, so I could care less. But, you often see them hustling around the store replenishing stock and organizing.

Houston Family Thrift Center Fitting Rooms

Fitting Rooms: There are a total of 4, each has a personal full body mirror and a wall length bench. But, the lighting inside wont be as bright as it is in the store. Also, you're only allowed 3 items inside at a time. However, majority of the time, that isn't something being monitored. If anything, you could end up in a room with a pile of clothes on the bench. I typically will take them in with me or have my cart right outside the door.


This was a good haul, walked out with some nice items. When I did this Hop, I was due to be going out of town to a cold city (Houston doesn't even get snow). So intention going in was to find sweaters, jackets, and some basics to pair with outfits. Here is what I found:

  • "Fox Fur" Hooded Jacket . . . . . $14.51

  • Black 'Pleather' Jacket . . . . . . $14.51

  • Burnt Orange Sweatshirt . . . . . . . $3.33

  • Metal Mesh Shoulder Bag . . . . . . $3.93

  • Black Fur Coat . . . . . $19.51

  • Navy Blue Cardigan . . . . . $12.51

  • Juicy Couture Camo Print Bag . . . . . $12.51

  • Oversized Teal Knit Cardigan . . . . $14.51

Total Spent (w/Tax): $103.18

It's a good feeling having a successful trip to the thrift store, it's like getting away with robbing the bank. And yes, I'll be sure to post how I sport these items. Although, I will admit some of this stuff has me a bit stumped on how I'll rock it, but I'm in no rush at the moment. Some ideas came easier, like the the Black Fur Coat. Found it in the Men's section, so it's about three times (maybe more) my size and in order to make it work ... I cut off the sleeves to make a long fur vest out of it. It's one of my simplest, yet most randomly chic pieces I own. And the "Fox Fur" Hooded Jacket, I just threw it on with some kicks to wear to the airport for my trip to Philly. But, I am pretty stumped on how to go about making use of that Metal Mesh Shoulder Bag. It's fairly small, don't be fooled by the large picture. Previously thought to use it as a camera pouch, but it barely fits. Could work for an evening bag, but I feel like there is something else I could with it. But, idk. *Kanye shrug* 


If you live in Houston or find yourself in that neck of the woods, I'd recommend that you give this place a visit. It's not aesthetically pleasing and you can't find the most happening spots to eat around it, but it's good ol' faithful. One of those place you know you can walk in and know that you'll find something worth getting. This spot is actually one of my most frequented spots to go to when I'm in a mood to go thrifting, maybe you'll find it a place you can get down with too. 

Let me know if you check it out and what your experience was like, I'd love to hear about it. What thrift spots do you like to hit up?  

got a place in mind you'd like to see on the next Thrift Shop Hop?
THEN let me know below.