Chill Outfit: DIY Killa Bart Pocket Tee [ITS LIT!]

Top:   BTD  //  Jeans:   Missguided

Top: BTD // Jeans: Missguided

Chill Outfit Inspo: "It's Lit" Pocket Tee

It's always amusing to me how some things really just come together, like this look. Individually, I didn't know what I was going to do with these pieces. Except for one, the yellow pocket tee I got from Pavement Houston thrift store

I randomly came across a Peekaboo Patch T-Shirt DIY by Holly and thought to myself, "man, it would be funny as hell to see Drake popping out of the pocket." Turns out it was more challenging than I expected to find a Drake patch.

But, what I did find was Killa Cam. Well....Killa Bart. 😏  Which was way better than what I expected to find. Killa Bart was made in the image of Killa Cam, a rapper who turned heads and broke the "boys don't wear pink" rule. Those links will give you the full back story if you aren't familiar with either one of them. 

Top:   BTD  

Top: BTD 

Love how this tee turned out, you could easily wear it to Hennypalooza dressed for the occasion with the henny bottle and Killa Bart in your pocket ready to be your turn up buddy. 😂

The material is comfortable and flows just right, with a simple statement design. And yes, a DIY will be posted on this t-shirt. #YoureWelcome

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Top:   BTD  //  Jeans:   Missguided

Top: BTD // Jeans: Missguided

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Corner Store Next to Lei Low Bar 

This was my first time coming to this joint and I assumed the warehouse next to it was Lei Low. But no, it's a small low key joint in a strip center with a convenience store. No sign unless you are literally up on the door. 

Top:   BTD  //  Jeans:   Missguided  //  Slides:  Cape Robbin

Top: BTD // Jeans: Missguided // Slides: Cape Robbin

I met my friend there to shoot as he was finishing up his last DJ set in Houston before he set out to move to New York City the next day. It was late Sunday night and it was peaceful enough to get some shots in and play around with various color lighting.

Top:   BTD  //  Jeans:   Missguided

Top: BTD // Jeans: Missguided

But man, my head was not in the game.  My mind was on so many other things, the week had been pretty exhausting, and I had adapted to such a fast pace that it became automatic. Once I finally turned off the "cruise control" and settled down, the realization of exhaustion hit me. Watch out though, it's a creeper.   

It's like it takes time for your body to wind down to normal energy levels, but if you've been on auto-pilot to a point of unconscious exhaustion... those energy levels continue to gradually plummet and then you soon find yourself thinking, "Where is all this coming from?"

With that being said, I noticed the toll that oversight took on my general 'essence' (or vibe) and how that transferred to the end result of my photos. So kids, not only is the setting important for a good photoshoot, but so is 'the set' (aka your mindset).

Eventually, we migrated from the corner store next to Lei Low Tiki Bar to another location to finish out the chill outfit look at a corner store that was actually open (keep in mind it was late Sunday)

It was hard,'s hard moments moments like this that can sometimes yield a slew of inspirations, creative juices, and....of course, major key learnings. Looks like a sequel to 9 Tips on How to Deal with Burnout (and Prevent It) is in the making. And don't get me started on the things to keep in mind when working with a photographer, this whole experience was something else. 

But, I knew going into this... my intention was to take a chance and learn from it. 
Even though the aftershock from jumping is a major pain in the ass, it usually tends to be totally worth it. 


 Chill Outfit Details: 

Top:   BTD  //  Jeans:   Missguided  //  Slides:  Cape Robbin

Top: BTD // Jeans: Missguided // Slides: Cape Robbin

It's nice, because these slides are something that I just wear around the house and I never thought I would have found something to actually wear them with. When I was buying a yellow shirt out of the store, my thoughts were "what in the world am I going to wear with this?" As much as I love bright and fun colors, I just was not down for the challenge logically... but that internal urge was like, "BUY. IT." 

Glad I did. Same goes for these jeans, I originally bought these for another look and ended up not wearing them. They fit quite nicely and have a nice distressed detail to them. All three of these pieces make you want to reconsider a love triangle because they all just worked out so well. 

Now, if only I could have more chill outfits like this to just throw on and wear out for when I'm running errands. 

other photos from this look: 

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