Easy DIYs: Killa Bart and Kermit the Frog 'Tea' Shirts

Don't feel like making it? Check out the    shop   !

Don't feel like making it? Check out the shop!

easy diy projects!? that'S LIT!

Funny story. This project was inspired by this super easy DIY, a Peekaboo Patch T-Shirt, with a little kitten popping up out of it. I've always come across similar pocket t-shirts online with a varying assortment of characters and things popping up out of the pocket. But...I wanted more, something a little more close to home. Originally, I planned to have Drake popping up with the Hotline Bling. He wasn't answering though.

Yet, what I did find was Killa Bart and Kermit the Frog sipping tea . Which was way more than I bargained!  

The Henny bottle with Killa Bart popping out saying 'it's lit' was just oh so appropriate if you understand the culture. Same goes with Kermit the Frog and a 'savage' label (mocked up after the Supreme streetwear brand). And if you aren't familiar with the kermit meme, a good chunk of the value is lost and the combination won't make much sense. Of course, I provided some background info links so you can educate yourself if you aren't privy to it. 

I mean, you can totally be like those people who wear the band t-shirts and not even know who the band is. But...that's none of my business. 😏

Anywho, if you want to see how I styled this piece? Check it out here, it's a very chill and laid back look. 

Let's get into this easy DIY....


Don't feel like making it? Check out the    shop   !

Don't feel like making it? Check out the shop!

Supplies You'll Need:

  • Pocket T-Shirts: the yellow t-shirt was from Pavement Houston and the gray one was from the Gap.

  • Patches: any patch you want will do, need inspo? I have a Pinterest board dedicated to patches. But... if you like the patches I used, they're linked below:

  • E6000 Fabric Glue: the smell from this isn't as potent as the regular E6000 glue. If you want to use the E6000 you can, but go easy since it will dry 'harder' than the fabric version.

  • Thick Paper, Cardboard, or Plastic: anything you don't mind throwing away, a sandwich baggie will do.

  • Business Card: something sturdy and disposable to remove excess glue.


How to make your own pocket tea: 

Step 1: Lay your t-shirt down flat and get an idea of where you want your patches. Once you have that figured out, grab your sandwich baggie (or whatever you decide to use) and put under where you want to place your patch. This step is VERY IMPORTANT, because it will prevent the glue from seeping through the fabric and getting stuck to the other side

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Step 2: Glue the back of your patch, if you want it to stick a little more then remove the adhesive layer (if it's an iron-on patch). The reason I prefer this glue is because its specifically made for this kind of thing and typically can withstand multiple washes than iron-on. If you really want that sucker to last, sew it on as well. 

Don't feel like making it? Check out the    shop   !

Don't feel like making it? Check out the shop!

Step 3: Gently place it on the shirt and lightly press on it to secure it. It's okay if it seeps through to the sandwich bag, that's why it's there. If anything, you really want it to bond to the fabric. Once you're done adding your patches, give it a few minutes and then remove the baggie and hang the shirt up to dry.

Don't feel like making it? Check out the    shop   !

Don't feel like making it? Check out the shop!


  • To prevent too much glue from seeping out from the sides, leave a little space around the perimeter of the patch and as you gently press down...the glue will spread to that area.

  • Make sure you try on the shirt with the patches safety pinned to shirt to see where they fall. Seeing the patches on the shirt on a flat surface is much different compared to when you actually wear it.

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