Yo Momma's Jeans on an Acrylic Nail Fiend

Forever 21, Asos,

How ya like my rabbit feet? No, that's not rabbit fur. Most likely faux considering I got the shoes from Forever 21.  Same goes for that sweatshirt...dress. 

I remember putting on the dress and shoes looking in the mirror and thinking, "this looks like it's missing something." It's a good thing my friend was in the room so I could easily poll someone. πŸ˜‚ We both agreed and the result was mom jeans.... 


distressed mom jeans. 

I'm surprised they actually fit me, I've never been able to find a pair of mom jeans that actually work for me. Got these and another pair from Asos, both of them are loose fitting around the legs for a comfy pair of jeans to throw on. 

Although I've been dying for a damn 'gewd' pair of mom jeans, my real love is...


the shoes. 

Not gonna lie, the first time I wore these...I almost fell like 5x within' the span of two minutes trying to rush up and down the stairs. THEY AREN'T HARD OR UNCOMFORTABLE TO WALK IN, just not what I initially expected. 

The irony of this, notice the bruise on my ankle, I got that from falling....but not because of shoes. 😏 And there may been a little alcohol involved, but don't go making up stories thinking I'm a klutz. 'Cuz I'm not. 

Lets get into the accessories though, I LOVE ME SOME ACCESSORIES!



hair accessories take it to the next level. 


I've always known about the simple clamp style hair jewelry, but never seen fun ones with cute charms on them. Seeing them really inspired me, so I'm thinking a hair accessory DIY is oh so necessary next time I get some braids. I remember going to get my nails done and my friend (yeah, I got some pretty dope friends) was putting hair jewels in my hair before she finished doing my nails....



Almost forgot. 

Lately, I've really been gravitating to rhinestones on my nails. Cute nails make me happy, no lie. It's like having a clean room or walking into a nicely decorated house, its a vibe. I get a lot of questions about how hard it is to type or do anything with them, its not hard at all. You get used to it. 

But, if you aren't accustom to acrylic nails...I'd suggest being mindful of the length of the nail when you're getting 'em done. If you use your hands a lot, it's going to be a little harder to function longer the nail length.

Looking forward to my next set though! 

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