Partially Hipster: A Day at the Museum District

Quite the title, I know. But, let me explain. 

Better yet, let me show you. 


So, yeah?

or nah?


Apart from the broad 'I sound like I have my life figured out' reasons as to why I blog, another is because playing around with my style is similar to trying on a different lifestyle or person based on your outfit. With this, I felt like a 'down to earth girl who frequents museums and art shows but she still can't help but to watch YouTube videos on makeup tutorials'. I almost decided to wear a black choker with this, but. . . it would have taken my outfit 'from fashionably chic bookworm' to '17 year old girl who is finding her way through life'. 



- - -


- - -


- - -


- - -


- - -

Just fab

- - - 

Swtrading plaza

- - - 


Beauty of this outfit, about half of the pieces have been handed down by friends & fam. So lovely when an outfit comes together over time piece by piece.

Make it a bit more, ya know

. . . . . .Special. <3

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

And to think, I’ve had these shoes for a year and almost didn’t wear them. . .

Nothing is wrong with me, but sometimes I keep something because there is a tiny little voice in my head that says "keep it". Maybe it's the hoarder in me or the star child tuned into the universe knowing that I am going to have a use for it one day. 

The world may never know. 

So, you enjoyed that post and you're itching for more? I got your itching cream. . .