Channeling Joanne The Scammer: How to Scam eBay for Clothes and Get Away With It

Leopard Fur Coat

This project was interesting to say the least, from almost causing a few car accidents to learning more about the do's and don'ts of selecting a photo location. You'd be surprised at how much goes into selecting the right location and thinking about the small factors that make a huge difference. Not to mention, photoshoots can be tiring! These were taken the very first day of Daylight Savings, although I am not happy about losing an hour. . . I am grateful for now having a longer window of time until it gets dark outside. #thegratitudepractice in full effect here. 

ASOS Bodycon Dress - Petite

Depending on how deep you are in the black hole that is Instagram, you're probably wondering who Joanne The Scammer is. She puts the "con" in "iconic". But, after doing a bit of reading on the man behind Joanne, I can't help but to appreciate her character even more. Like the person who says the shit you wouldn't dare say and does things your values won't let you get away with guilt-free. Speaking of scammer, let me tell you a bit about a scam of my own.

how to steal clothes:

Leopard Fur Coat

Alright, so it's not exactly a scam. Nor is any stealing involved. But I also wouldn't be blatantly disclosing something so incriminating publicly without encrypting it. Yet, in all seriousness, what I will tell you about is a small place that people tend to overlook. eBay.

Yes, eBay.

If you shop at any fast fashion stores, boutiques, or anything in that same area; then you'll appreciate eBay. It's not just for auctions either. It is a place swarming with endless deals and steals, especially since you're exposed to a worldwide market place all in one spot. It's often very possible to find the same velvet thigh high boots plastered all over tumblr much cheaper and even in more color options. And I'm talking shoes, clothes, etc. It's all there. A good example, my fur coat. No longer available in the store, found a better one on eBay. AND IT WAS CHEAPER. How is this possible you ask? Simple, some of these retailers go to the same manufacture or warehouse and sometimes the actual source will have a store hosted on eBay since it is much easier to create a "brand" that can be exposed to consumers they don't know how to reach themselves. 

Leopard Fur Coat - Joanne The Scammer Inspired

How to Get Away With It: 

A few tips and insight to make the getaway a clean and easy one. Let's not get sloppy here, because it's kind of crucial. Whether you're new to eBay or not, there should be something a little helpful for you here to take with you the next time you're in the mood swindle some clothes. 

Vince Camuto Ankle Boots - ASOS Red BodyCon Dress - Benita The Diva DIY
  • If there's a specific item that you're looking for, take note of the brand or style number if you can. Sometimes you can search for it on eBay, other times not so much because the listing title may be totally different or generically listed.
  • Search the item using different search terms, so let's revisit that velvet thigh high boot you've been wanting. You can look up "Liliana velvet thigh high", "velvet otk boot", "purple velour boot", "crushed velvet thigh high", "No. 3629 boot", etc (FYI: Liliana is fast shoe brand, otk is over the knee, and No. 3629 is style number I made up). When you're searching with more generic terms, but you have something specific in mind. Make your life a little easier and filter out the results, but be careful since not all listings are posted with that information attached.  
  • Be mindful of where your item is being shipped from, is it being shipped from somewhere in the United States or coming from China? If that bad boy is coming from overseas, expect it to take awhile. Talking at least a week and a half here. But, at least the shipping cost is usually free. Overseas stores typically have the best selection though. Now if it's coming from the United States, expect it to cost more and you're more likely going to be charged for shipping. Plan accordingly if you have an event coming up soon or you're on a tight budget. 
  • READ THE SIZE CHART. I cannot stress this enough. Especially when you're ordering from another country. I typically go by my bra size since I'm not keeping a measuring tape on my person at all times (sarcasm). And usually, most fast fashion places are in asian countries, so order a size or two up from your usual.
  • Look at the similar items at the very end of the post listing, you can stumble upon quite a bit here and just follow the breadcrumbs to other sellers to shop from. Warning... it's very easy to get lost in the selection of things. It is not a place for the weak minded or recovering shopaholics. 
  • Don't be alarmed if you see multiple auctions from different sellers all using the exact same photos. This is a hunch I have, but this goes back to how some manufactures and warehouses are connected, it also goes back to how they like eBay as a platform because it takes a load off the skills needed for marketing. Hence the lack of creativity or originality when it comes to presentation. I have purchased from sellers with the same photo without any issue. 
  • Read the reviews before purchasing, real scammers don't get scammed. 

So now that I have equipped you with some knowledge of the black market, go forth and channel your own inner Joanne The Scammer. Have you shopped on eBay before, if so what was your experience like? What were you buying? Let me know below in the comments!

ASOS Red BodyCon Dress - Leopard Fur Coat






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