14 Things That You Forgot to Pack for Coachella

You're gearing up for Coachella and checking your packing list on your iPhone trying to think of any other possible things you might need or want to make this festival weekend absolutely perfect. Aside from the outfits picked out months ago and your party favors, here is a list of a few things that you may want to consider packing up before you board your flight to Indio, California. 

Image Source: Marie Claire

Image Source: Marie Claire

1. Comfortable Clothing:
Even though you have your outfits already picked out, still pack some extra clothes. Comfy clothes. After the first day of the festival, you may find yourself wanting to change it up once you've got a better feel for what you're in for at Coachella. You'd be surprised at how cute an effortless outfit comes out when you just go with the flow as opposed to planning so much. 

2. Dust Mask/Bandana:
If this could be on the list twice, it would. I can't stress the importance of this enough. Last year the dust winds or sandstorms were so crazy, we'd get home to black boogers in our noses. It's not just the wind, but as people walk and dance they kick up more dust. Regardless of whether this bothers you or not, make it a point to keep one of these handy. Last year, we all came back with respiratory infections from all of the dust we inhaled.  

3. Backpack/Fanny Pack:
Whatever floats your boat. If you get one of these, make sure you put all of your things in it and jump around to make sure the bag will stay securely closed without anything falling out. Be mindful of where you put your phone or money as well since at times it can get crowded to the point where people are shoulder to shoulder with you, the last thing you want to happen is for your phone to get swiped.

4. Sunscreen:
If you plan on exploring the festival grounds before sunset, then make sure you pack some sunscreen. I usually go for the spray or the oil since it's lighter and doesn't leave behind that thick white film on my skin. 

5. Wet Wipes:
Two words. Porta. Potties. If you ever have to use the restroom, you will be so grateful for wipes. Especially, if there's no toilet paper. 

6. Charge Packs:
Even if you aren't using your phone too much, if it has a hard time finding service then the battery drains quicker. There's a few options to consider when getting something to keep your phone juiced up. 

7. Sunglasses:
If you have a pair of sunglasses that you absolutely love and would die without them, then don't bring them. There's a chance you may break them, lose them, or just have a plain old hard time cleaning the dust off of them. Not that you can't bring them though, that's totally up to you! 

8. Chapstick:
It gets dry in the desert, no moisture. So you know what that means for your lips, no moisture. Keep them babies moisturized, nothing worse than trying to make your spit an alternative to chapstick. 

9. Mist Fans:
Right?! Those little things you took with you out camping or to the beach on a hot sunny day. It's a small no-hassle item, yet it's one of those items where everyone agrees how useful it is! Although, I didn't use mine as much, there were moments where I was super grateful to have it. 

10. Cash:
I know, I know...not many people like to carry cash on hand. With easy electronic payment apps line Venmo and Cash, the last thing you feel like doing is pulling out cash in the 20th century. But, hear me out. In this kind of setting, cash makes the checkout process go so much faster. Imagine this, it's mid-afternoon and the sweltering sun is beaming down on you. You see a booth that sells ice cold freshly squeezed fruit juice, you skip on over there seeking sweet relief only to find out that their card reader went out and you don't have any cash. BURNNN! Plus, who wants to waste money on ridiculously high ATM fees? /rant

11. Mini Meds:
At this point, it probably sounds like I'm going overboard, but when you get a tummy ache from all of the fruity pebble infused ice cream and crab meat french fries you just ate...you'll thank me! It might be a little hard to twerk to Major Lazer when your tummy is just not cooperating with you. Even worse, head bangin' to Snails with a headache.  

12. Shoe Insoles:
Although these aren't necessary, it's another one of those items where it comes in handy when you're at a music festival that involves quite a bit of walking around and standing on your feet for long periods of time. I didn't really use them as much at Coachella compared to Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas (EDC LV).

13. Hand Warmers:
I didn't bring these with me, but they would have came in handy on those cold desert nights I didn't want to carry a sweater. And you don't have to use them on your hands either. They're small and portable enough that they don't require much carrying room. Which means more freedom for you to get your groove on.

14. Good Vibes:
You should never leave these behind. This is the most important thing on this list, is to have a good attitude and enjoy yourself. <3

Although some of these things aren't absolutely necessary, it can't hurt but to make sure you have at least thought about whether you'd need them or not. It's all your preference, you know what is necessary and what isn't for you to have a good time. Plus, you could get some of things after you arrive to Cali or even after the first day of Coachella. Anyone else have any suggestions or things they'd like to add to the list? Let me know below in the comments. 

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