How to Make the Most Out of Your Metallic Tattoo's - A Tatted Up DIY

Coachella is really ramping up now, people are getting settled and restless to hit the festival grounds. You've got your outfit picked out and your about to get ready, but and make-up. And somewhere in the midst of that, you have to put on your flash tattoo's that you're beyond stoked to wear. But, you wish you had more or you wish they were more dynamic when it came to the design. I'm here to tell you, that it's possible. All you need is scissors and a bit of patience depending on your vision. 

Let's hurry up then, you've got a music festival to catch.


  • Metallic Flash Tattoo's

  • Scissors

  • Water

  • Towel

  • Enough Time to Get Ready


Step 1: Flip through the metallic tattoo sheets that you have available and see which designs can be repurposed into another design. For this one, I decided to take an armband flash tattoo and turn it into a hand tattoo that was inspired by Rihanna's tattoo placement. Decided to go with the silver one since it went with my accessories for my outfit.

Step 2: Cut your tattoo from the sheet, make sure you leave the clear protective film on the flash tat. Cut the border lining off leaving the leaves (they look like leaves so that's what we will call them) inside the design behind. In order to do this, slightly lift up the clear protective film to get under and cut them off, this way it is easier for you to get the film off when it comes time to apply the metallic tattoo. 

Step 3: Good stuff, now for the main moving pieces. Cut a line in between each individual leaf, just enough to make it to the middle where the two ends meet. Once you have done this for each one, you're going to cut right down the middle in between the two rows to get small individual leaf flash tattoo's. This will allow more flexibility when it comes to the placement and design of your metallic tattoo's. 

Metallic Flash Tattoo DIY to make the most of your flash tats for Coachella.

Step 4: Grab a wet washcloth. Place your flash tattoo's wherever you desire or any design you'd like, have a little fun with this. Depending on the tattoo's, you'll leave the cloth on for 10 to 30 seconds. Test one small patch area before removing the tattoo, don't want it getting stuck to the paper. Allow yourself some time do this, don't rush it. I promise, it's totally worth it! 

See!?! Was it worth it or not? I personally thought it was, I couldn't stop looking at my hand. To be honest, it came out better than expected. How did yours turn out? I'd love to know. 

Need a burst of creative inspiration? Then it's time you. . .