Sneaker Fashion: Dresses to Wear with Sneakers feat. Custom Nike Shoes

Sneaker style as a 'grown woman':

Despite already graduating high school. And college. I still have this thing for sneakers. Although, I'm not a huge sneakerhead like I used to be, yet I still love me some fresh kicks. Given that I personally wouldn't allow myself to show up to work in straight up streetwear, there are other ways to wear a sneaker outfit. In this case, a dress with sneakers. This isn't the only way to do it either, but in this post I'll be covering dresses to wear with sneakers. If you want to skip the details, just scroll down towards the end of the post to find a few dresses I found to help you find your own. 

LOCATION: Houston Graffiti Building

I've always had an affinity for street art or anything in that realm ever since I was kid in my mothers living room break dancing to the old school hip hop movies, like Breakin'. So, I automatically gravitated to this building because it reminded me of those days. The beautiful thing about it is that are multiple styles, so it's a great spot for photos all in walking distance of each other. 

How did I find this place? Happen to pass by it on my way to school one day, it's actually across the street from Mercy Nightclub. Just pop the address 1503 Chartres St, Houston, TX 77003 in your GPS to find it. Apparently it was a huge art project apart of HUE Mural Festival, which has another coming up soon. Cheers to more color and character coming to Houston!

Any tips? Depending on the time you go, you wont be the only one there. There's plenty of parking, but be mindful when it comes to the time of day due to the lighting and the heat. I was wearing a casual dress with sneakers, so it wasn't much of an issue for me. Now if you're wearing a material where sweat shows easily, that'd be a different story. If you want to find more murals in Houston, Carrie Colbert over at Wear + Where + Well has a comprehensive guide that has my seal of approval. 

OUTFIT INSPIRATION // nike custom shoes:

I'll be honest, there wasn't much effort put into this look. Which is just glorious as an over-analyzer. I just wanted to wear the shoes I bedazzled. 💎 And a dress with sneakers is pretty effortless, you just need to be mindful of the sneaker style that you're selecting because of how they look on your feet. A slender or sleek pair of shoes could make a world of a difference if you aren't digging how a wide pair, like Air Force Ones, make your outfit look. So, yes, it's totally possible to rock a sneaker outfit, and not look like a tomboy. There is also nothing wrong with that look, but that is usual response I hear or read about when on the topic of sneaker fashion. 

Shoes bedazzled:
Nike x BenitaTheDiva

What is the name of these? Nike Sky Hi Wedge. Be mindful though, if you're looking for this exact color scheme you won't find it. I painted the shoe green in some areas and added Swarovski Crystals to the mix.  

 One more thing worth mentioning, there's a hidden wedge inside. In other words, these are sneaker heels. If you're short and what to add some height without wearing heels, this is one way to do that. These aren't hard to walk in either and I haven't noticed a huge amount of added weight because of the wedge. Technically, these are kind of dressy sneakers because of the wedge and the added diamonds for that added elegance.

Dress: Forever XXI

Why this dress? Because, it matched (told you it was effortless).
You can find bodycon style dresses to wear with sneakers practically anywhere online or through a fast fashion retailer. Just be sure to hang them up to dry if you go the fast fashion route, they shrink easily. 🙄

Denim Jacket: Hollister

Adding this denim jacket to the mix made me feel better, it's hard for me to simply do things because I feel like I'm always missing something. If can't tell, 'less is more' isn't something I adopt too often. Just an added piece to complete my sneaker outfit.
Where did I get it? Hollister (surprise). My sister gave me this jacket awhile back and if it's one thing I like, it's perfectly distressed. And, it's good quality denim. Haven't been in Hollister in awhile, so not sure if they still make them like this.

Hoop Earrings: Unknown 

Got it from a independent boutique, that shut down unfortunately. Don't fret though, large hoop earrings are such a classic that you can practically find them anywhere. Just google it.  

Dresses to wear with sneakers: 

Just to get you started, here are some basic dresses to wear with sneakers. These are easy going and casual, so it should be easy to find a pair of sneakers to go well with them without much stress on your part.

Now, if you wan't to get a little more creative, start diving into the world of ruffles and tutu's. Maybe even branch out into different materials. I actually have a Pinterest board strictly dedicated to sneaker outfits that you can check out for more inspiration. 

Don't be afraid to explore and try some new looks out, it's a relief to be able to style sneakers. Especially when you don't feel like wearing any other shoes or you're going to an event that just wont allow you to be comfortable unless you're wearing sneakers.

The belief that sneakers can't be styled is so outdated, get with the times!