3 Things to Know Before You Plan Your First Trip to Los Angeles

Finally made it to Los Angeles for a visit!
So many things to do, places to eat, dope things to see, cozy places to stay, and so much.... TRAFFIC! 😂

Considering this was my first time actually exploring the city (not counting that one time I passed through for Coachella), there are a few things I took note of from my trip that will be helpful for you as you plan your trip to Los Angeles. 


1. Look for what to do in los angeles (and How to Find it): 

There are a few ways to find out what to do in LA, one is by going on Eventbrite and searching by city. You can stumble across a number of events that way, it will also be worth getting back on to check for more events every so often as new things come up and get posted.

A not so obvious place to look is Facebook. Once you're logged in, there should be an 'Explore' section and you should be able to click on a page called 'Events'. From there you can go to the 'Discover' page and narrow the event location down by city.

Grand Central Market Entrance

Grand Central Market Entrance

Another good spot to look is on Instagram, now you can search by place and city. If anything, search all of the #LosAngeles tags. Once you start typing in "Los Angeles" or "LA", typically it will generate other related tags from there. Look for any Instagram pages dedicated to showcasing the beauty of LA, like @losangelesbucketlist. Sometimes you can even DM some of those pages for advice, if not, Google!

Sticky Rice @ Grand Central Market  (Image Source: Grand Central Market)

Sticky Rice @ Grand Central Market (Image Source: Grand Central Market)

Last but not least, Yelp. If you aren't familiar with it, it's a place where users can leave reviews and recommendations for best restaurants, shopping, nightlife, food, entertainment, and things to do. Yet, I typically rely on them for reviews on places to eat since that is their strong suit (in my opinion)


2. Plan Your Travel Dates Around event times: 

Yes. You read that right. Plan your trip for when things are actually happening, when the weather is good (which is majority of the time in LA), and when pop-ups are actually in the city! Our goal was to have a summer trip so we went at the end of July. Yet, I noticed there was a lot less going on compared to the months of May and June. If you're thinking about a summer trip to LA, then those months may be the best times to visit Los Angeles. 

Refinery29's 29Rooms in Los Angeles  (Image Source: Cerutti + Co)

Refinery29's 29Rooms in Los Angeles (Image Source: Cerutti + Co)

Some places were either no longer available or out of the city by the time we got there, which was unexpected. One more thing took us by surprise: reservations. 


3. know if you need to make Reservations for Places You Want to CHECK OUT (WAY) ahead of Time: 

The Broad Museum  (Artist: Jeff Koons)

The Broad Museum (Artist: Jeff Koons)

Many popular places where they have plenty of Instagramable photo opportunities, like The Museum of Ice Cream or 29Rooms, will require reservations. Some places would get booked out a month or two in advance! It's best to hop on it as soon as you can, unless you're already plugged in. 

The Museum of Ice Cream  (Photo Credit: Maya Sugarman)

The Museum of Ice Cream (Photo Credit: Maya Sugarman)

Other places like The Broad will allow you to wait in line with reservations as optional. However, depending on the place and time, waiting in line the day of may not be the most attractive option. Make a list of places you want to check out, see if they'll be available during the time you want to go (especially pop-ups that are only temporarily available), and plan accordingly. 

The Broad Museum  (Artist: Elliot Hundley)

The Broad Museum (Artist: Elliot Hundley)

Hopefully, now you feel a bit more prepared to start planning your trip for LA. If you have some tips of your own that you'd love to share, drop a comment below!



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