5 Random (BUT REALLY GOOD) Tips for EDC Las Vegas

AGP for Insomniac Events

AGP for Insomniac Events

Regardless of how many times you’ve been to EDC Las Vegas, whether it’s your 7th time going or your a bright eyed headliner going for the very first freakin’ time - I promise you’ll be able to take at least one of these tips with you.

How many times have I been? Never.

Just kidding. I’ve been to Electric Daisy Carnival (in Las Vegas) three times now. Twice before they had campgrounds and once after - so I’ve gotten some interesting pieces of advice to help me survive my time in the Speedway. But enough about that, lets get into it!

#1: Capture all the lasers, lights, and fireworks by changing the settings on your iPhone Camera

Starting off strong with this one since you are going to be ‘under the electric sky’. 😏
It legit works. If you have an iPhone 6 or later, you should be able to do this. Go to:

Settings > Camera > Record Video > 1080p HD at 60 fps

This will increase the file size of the video, so if you don’t have much space on your phone and you like to record a lot. You’ve been warned.
Below is video example of what that camera setting looks like using an iPhone 7+ in different situations.

(NOTE: There were moments where my camera wasn’t focused, but you should still see the difference that is makes.)

Android phones should be able to do this as well. I’m sure if you Google the setting to change the frame per second (fps) - you should come across something! Shoutout to Gregory for sharing this tip on Radiate. And speaking of Radiate, that brings us to the next tip….


#2: Download the Radiate app and check out the Facebook Groups

If you’re going solo or with a huge group, this is a great way to keep a pulse on different happenings and tips from other headliners going to the festival. There’s Facebook groups specifically for people going solo. There’s Facebook groups just for girls. And if you search, you can probably find 37,228 other Facebook groups dedicated to the specific year that you’re going to EDC. As far as Radiate (an iPhone/Android app) goes, things can get a lil’ weird, but I found a lot of helpful stuff in there too. Quite hilarious at times. That app can be used for almost any upcoming festival or concert, too.


#3: Ladies, Get into EDC Week Parties for Free by Hitting up a promotor

via Las Vegas Review-Journal

via Las Vegas Review-Journal

If you go on Instagram and search the hashtags, you can find a TON of promoters. Say for instance, you want to go see Kaskade @ KAOS. Search using one of the following hashtags: #kaos #kaosnightclub #kaoslasvegas #vegasnightlife
(You get the point!)
Same goes for any other clubs. You may even get free drink coupons, however, you will need to be there by a certain time (that’s the catch).
Don’t rely on this though, especially if you’re going to a party that is going to sell out quick.


#4: Get Gel Inserts for Your Shoes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female. Whether you’re a sneaker fiend or a magical fairy stomping around in your platforms like a Spice Girl or going commando in your combat boots. YOUR FEET WILL THANK YOU. So… do yourself (and your feet) a favor. Get some get inserts to put in your shoes.

You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, dancing, running… just get the damn gel inserts, okay?

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#5: Get lost

Go explore. Even if you have to split off from your group for a bit. It seems like there’s always few hidden gems around the festival each year and other things to do and performances to see. The best part is walking by a stage hearing music from an artist you don’t know and you can’t help but to get sucked in because you want to hear more and find out who it is. There’s a 89.2333333% chance you’ll find something (or someone) interesting. After all, it’s EDC!

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